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of Wilson Vitelio Hidalgo Suarez, Wednesday, 22 of June of 2011 to 13:47

Many scientists not to say all, create much and trust much the standard model, that he describes that inside Hadrons they exist already formed subatomic particles, as they are the families of Quarks and the family of leptons.

But I ask as well as an automobile moves to a given speed, its occupants move relative to the automobile.

Well of this analogy, we can compare the mechanics of the standard model, that it describes that the proton that acts like the autmovil and its occupants, like component particles of the proton, if the proton in the Hadron accelerator moves at a speed very relative to light, as well as the previous example of the automobile, the subatomic particles move relative to the proton.

According to the reltivista theory that it predicts that cuendo a body or particles they move at a speed relative to the light, its mass-energy is increased proportionally with the speed and as the subatomic particles move relative to the proton inside the proton, not only the mass-energy of the proton would dilate, but that the subatomic particles also are dilatarian in its mass-energy inside the proton in the Hadron accelerator.

This means that the subatomic particles dissociate of the interior of the proton before the impact in the accelerator.

When dilating the subatomic particles the nuclear forces as much the forts, as the weak ones, decay when dilating inside the proton subatomic particles, where the proton would be disintegrated before hitting in a hadron accelerator.

This predicts that the proton is not compound of subatomic particles, but that a generally single particle is one, like I could be condensed energy or like it can be conformed by microscopic vibrant cords, bony a particle it is a cord or it is simply energy condesada in material particles, that when hitting in a particle accelerator, as the hadron accelerator is divided in particle infinities and that the number of subatomic particle division depends on the speed on the particle or Hadrons, like the proton.

bony the subatomic particles inside the proton in the impact in the hadron accelerator are crearian at random.

We can design particles subatomic depending on the energy, kinetic, potential and total that takes the proton at a speed next to the one of the light inside the accelerator… n

I do not believe in the Standard model and the E8 theory… they are single simple esboso of the pure mathematics.

Inside particles expanded by the speed, as in the case of protons, reaguste power in the inetrior of the proton exists before this it hits in a hadron accelerator, where divide the proton at random, while more mass-energy generates the proton more subatomic particles we obtain.

By. Wilson Hidalgo S.

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