viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011


The same galaxy MAKE THE universe expands or dilates. This theoretical model that promises to really explain the galaxies are moving away from one another and thus making the universe expand. Dark energy does not interact with baryonic matter, or elementary particles that are in a state resting energy, dark energy does not interact with elementary particles moving at a speed less than light. But if indirect interaction with elementary particles moving at a relative speed of light ... Well, a galaxy consist of a set of stars that are bound together by gravity, each star in a galaxy emits energy to space, this energy can be particles such as photons, protons, electrons, high speed ... the pressure of radiation emitted by a star generates disturbances in space, it's like if we throw a stone into a tranquil lagoon, formed compressive and expansive waves to progress through the water particles that will in turn compresses compressing and subsequent layers, if you put a wooden boat shock waves moving away the boat in the forward direction of wave propagation. Imagine the water of a lake as dark energy, disturbing stone, like the galaxy, as pressure disturbances originating push high-speed particles emitted by galaxies, which are the waves rise, compressing the layer energy that surrounds the particle that undergoes deformations in this process ... and the boat is moving away as the galaxy recedes in the forward direction of the wave in space. Particles and their kinetic energy ... are caused to be compressed layers of dark energy in space, compressing the subsequent layer, exerting a pulling force equal to the kinetic energy of the particles, the radiation pressure of dark energy depends entirely on the speed the particles, the layers are compressed to exert a pulling force that causes a fence away galaxy in the forward direction of the wave. no galaxies there will be no expansion of the universe is somewhat paradoxical to Newton's law of gravitation which is opposed to this expansion. electromagnetic forces are expansive and is what causes gravitational contraction. EM forces which results in a galaxy is causing the universe to expand, it acts as anti-gravity force ... not forget that the forces are far superior to MS gravitational forces ... THIS IS A THEME AND PROBLEM quite extensive ... By. Hidalgo S. Wilson

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